The Many Faces of Me

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The Many Faces of Me is a book that takes you, the reader, on a journey to see how truly love should be shown to everyone. It also shows how to cherish the one who has allowed you to be a part of their world. The trials of living in today's world and some of the easy solutions that will work if we all just stop, take a step back and forget about how truly selfish we as the human race are. You will have a relaxing flight so you are not forced to bank to the left or throttle hard to the right. You will stay level. You will learn that with love there is pain with your joy. There is a place to say that the foolishness needs to stop. We all have different faces that we show to the people around us. This book should help you understand the portrayal of these faces and maybe bring you to a different world with a little more focus. Thank you for taking the time to visit my work. May you grow more enlightened to the truth that working together is the only way we are going to make it...?

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