Assessment in Secondary Schools

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    "This is a very important book. Assessment is one of the most technically and professionally challenging of topics for new teachers. Val Brooks has brought her own impressive technical expertise to bear, and sets out the key professional demands in a thorough, logical and clear way. The book draws extensively on practical examples which exemplify and develop the argument. New teachers will find it an invaluable guide; experienced teachers will find that it widens their understanding of assessment as a tool for learning" - Chris Husbands, University of Warwick"Mentors will find much to aid their sessions with student teachers, while senior staff responsible for professional development will have a sound, easily read source of material. Highly recommended" - British Journal of Educational Studies
  • How can new teachers use assessment to enhance their teaching?
  • How can assessment help pupils to learn?
  • What are the arrangements for testing and examinations and the statutory assessment requirements at secondary school level?
This book is aimed at students who are preparing to teach in secondary schools, and newly qualified teachers in their induction year. The entire text is devoted to assessment and therefore it is able to offer an in-depth consideration of aspects of assessment which exercise teachers at the beginning of their career, for example the relationship between assessment and learning, how assessment contributes to planning, ways of marking pupils' work, writing reports for parents and meetings with parents. Although it is informed by theory and research, the text has a practical orientation. It provides practical examples for readers to consider in developing their own practices and makes suggestions for activities intended to help beginning teachers to develop their own ideas and insights into assessment. The text is written for a graduate and undergraduate audience and aims to promote a thoughtful, well-informed approach to assessment and critical awareness of issues which arise out of practice.


Part one: Assessment and learning:
the classroom context
The role of assessment in teaching and learning
Assessment and planning
Assessment in the classroom
Ways of responding to pupils' written and practical work
Part two: Managing assessment:
the school context
School policies and procedures
Record keeping and reporting
Part three: Assessment:
the wider context
Assessment, accountability and standards
Recent developments in testing and examinations


Val Brooks is an associate professor in the Institute of Education at Warwick University where she has been involved with three programmes of secondary initial teacher training: PGCE, Flexible Postgraduate Initial Teacher Training and the Graduate Teacher Programme. Previous to this, she taught English in the secondary sector.


"...illustrates examples of good practice and suggests following-up activities." - TES TES 20031028
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