China's Past, China's Future

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November 2003



· Soil erosion
· Deforestation
· Desertification
· Loss of biodiversity
In conclusion, Smil argues that the decline of the Chinese ecosystem and environmental pollution has cost China about ten per cent of her annual GDP.
This book provides the best available synthesis on the environmental consequences of China's economic reform program and will prove essential reading to scholars with an interest in China and the environment.


1. China's Biophysical Foundations; 1.1 My Chinese Experiences; 1.2 Challenges of Understanding; 1.3 Interdisciplinary Perspectives; 2. Energy; 2.1 Half a Century of Advances; 2.2 Continuing Importance of Traditional Energies; 2.3 A Failed Strategy; 2.4 From a New Saudi Arabia to Concerns About Oil Security; 3. Food; 3.1 The World's Greatest Famine; 3.2 From Subsistence to Satiety; 3.3 Dietary Transitions; 3.4 Nitrogen in China's Agriculture; 3.5 Can China Feed Itself?; 4. Environment; 4.1 Attitudes and Constraints; 4.2 The First of Five Elements; 4.3 China's Environment and Security; 4.4 Cost of China's Environmental Change; 5. Looking Ahead by Looking Back; 5.1 Failed Forecasts; 5.2 Contending Trends


'China's expanding population aond huge developmental needs have put enormous demands on the environment. This is one of the most factual and comprehensive discussions on those environmental pressures currently available.' - China Information'This is an excellent book that summarises many of the arguements and research that has stimulated Professor Smil's work. It provides a particularly useful summary of some of the main trends in China's food, energy and environmental use and, as such, should appeal not only to Sinologists but also to non-specialists and those wanting an overview of China's recent and current environment and society.'- James Beattie, University of Otago
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