Sedimentology Review 1

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April 1993



"Sedimentology Review" is a new series of books edited by the Postgraduate Research Institute of Sedimentology (PRIS) and published by Blackwell Scientific Publications. The series provides the practicing sedimentologist with a means of rapidly accessing new developments in sedimentology. Existing textbooks date rapidly and new journals continuously become available, making it difficult to remain current in all aspects of the subject. The series provides high quality reviews written in an accessible format, on a wide variety of topics in sedimentology-sedimentary geology. The series will be a major resource for students, teachers and researchers as well as to geologists.Rapid coverage of the most recent developments in sedimentology for students, researchers and professional geologists in industryEdited by a board of experts in their respective fieldsHigh quality, accessible information from international authoritiesGenerously illustrated


Preface. Balmy shores and icy wastes: the paradox of carbonates associated with glacial deposits in Neoproterozoic times. Cretaceous climates. The recognition and stratigraphic implications of orbital--forcing of climate and sedimentary cycles. Carbonate diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy. Rudist formations of the Cretaceous: a palaeoecological, sedimentological and stratigraphical review. Oxygen--related mudrock biofacies. Hummocky cross--stratification. An introduction to estuarine lithosomes and their controls
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