A Night in Odessa

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A Novel of Forbidden Love and Political Intrigue ________________________________________________ A Night in Odessa tells the riveting story of Erika, a young German woman, and Michael, a Russian cardiologist, and their prohibited love in former East Germany. What would be a light-hearted love story under democracy turns into a dangerous and chilling tale under communism. We meet the evil Chief of Police and Frieda, his police matron, and learn of Erika's secret past. The young lovers' quest for freedom takes them across the Iron Curtain, toiling through snow-covered mountains, slipping between mines, hiding from guards. California, Odessa, and Dubrovnik are colorful stopovers in this fascinating, fast-paced novel. Award winning author Ursula H. Meier weaves a tale of plot twists that surprise, enthrall, and delight.

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