Cities in a Globalizing World: Global Report on Human Settlements

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Juni 2001



* The most authoritative and up to date assessment of the development of the world's cities and other human settlements


Key Issues and Messages * Prologue: Human Settlements in a Globalizing World * Part I: Development Context: Changes and Challenges * Development Contrasts in Human Settlements * Urban Impacts of Globalization * Framing Normative Policy Platforms * Part II: Emerging Approaches to Urban Governance and Politics * The Changing Context and Directions of Urban Governance * Politics of the Global City: Claiming rights to urban spaces * Part III: Changes in Housing Finance and Shelter Delivery Systems * The Developing Countries * The Countries with Economies in Transition * The Industrialized Countries * Part IV: Developments in the Urban Environment and Infrastructure * Urban Health in the Developing Countries * Assessments of the Urban Environment: Water Supply and Sanitation Services * Impacts of Recent Trends on Urban Transport * Energy Demands and Consumption * Decentralization and Urban Infrastructure Management Capacity * Part V: Ensuring Development Prospects * Building Capacity * Strengthening Post-disaster Reconstruction of Human Settlements * Part VI: Building a Common Future * Adequate Shelter for All * Sustaining Human Settlement Development * Epilogue: Liveability of Cities in a Globalizing World * Part VII: Statistical Annex * Country Level data * City Level Data * Index


Cities in a Globalizing World was prepared under the general guidance of Daniel Biau, Director of the Global Division of UNCHS (Habitat), and the supervision of Nefise Bazoglu and Jochen Eigen, Urban Secretariat Chiefs.


"This book is a follow-up to "An Urbanizing World: Global Report on Human Settlements" (CH, Apr'97). This new report draws from information and analyses provided by 80 experts around the world, examining issues of urban governance, housing finance, shelter delivery systems, urban infrastructure, disaster recovery, community development, etc. It both quantitatively and qualitatively measures the needs and capacities of these cities and examines issues, trends, and challenges of settlement and urbanization in world regions. The report is based on the latest and most detailed data available and succeeds in accurately examining the opportunities and challenges globalization has created for cities around the world. It examines issues at both micro and macro levels from a sustainable development perspective. Theoretical and practical issues are considered with a clear emphasis on governance and the development of social policies dealing with the unbalanced nature, effects, and benefits of globalization on social groups, cities, countries, and regions. An authoritative source for practitioners as well as academicians dealing with issues of urban development. All levels." --- A. Mahdi, Ohio Wesleyan University in CHOICE
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