Studies in Matthew

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August 2005



Ranges over the critical issues of Matthean studies, including the narrative structure and sources of the Gospel and its presentation of such themes as Christology, discipleship, miracles, and Israel. This work constitutes a contribution to biblical hermeneutics as well as to exegesis.


Preface Abbreviations MATTHEW'S STORY Matthew the Evangelist: A Jewish Christian at the Crossroads The Gospel of Matthew: A New Story of Jesus, or a Rewritten One? MATTHEW AND HIS TRADITION Matthew and Q Fictionality and Loyalty to Tradition in Matthew's Gospel in the Light of Greek Literature CHRISTOLOGY Matthean Christology Outlined in Theses The Son of Man in Matthew: Heavenly Judge or Human Christ? ECCLESIOLOGY The Disciples in the Gospel according to Matthew Discipleship: A Matthean Manifesto for a Dynamic Ecclesiology The Primacy Saying of Matthew 16:17-19 from the Perspective of Its Effective History ETHICS The Fulfilment of the Law in Matthew (Matt. 5:17-20) MIRACLES The Miracle Stories of Matthew 8-9 MATTHEW AND ISRAEL Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of Matthew as a Historical and Theological Problem: An Outline HERMENEUTICS WITH MATTHEW IN MIND Reflections on the Appropriate Interpretation of New Testament Texts The Significance of the Church Fathers for Biblical Interpretation in Western Protestant Perspective Can the Bible Still Be the Foundation for a Church Today? The Task of Exegesis in a Society of Religious Pluralism Canonical Exegesis and Hermeneutics of "Effective History" Hermeneutics of "Effective History" and the Church The Significance of Matthew's Jesus Story for Today Index of Names and Subjects Selective Index of Biblical References


Ulrich Luz is professor emeritus of New Testament at the University of Bern, Switzerland. He is also the author of The Theology of Matthew, Matthew in History, and the three-volume commentary on Matthew in the Hermeneia series.
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