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April 2005



A dark, painful and very funny play by a Serbian writer.


"Chris Thorpe is a Fringe First winner (2012). Chris is a writer and performer from Manchester. Chris writes plays, and is currently working on a new piece with the Royal Exchange in Manchester, as well as writing radio drama for the BBC - his latest radio play, Rio Story was set and recorded in Rio de Janiero. He also collaborates with companies such as Slung Low, Forest Fringe, RashDash and Soup Collective, with whom he wrote and recorded The Bomb on Mutannabbi Street is Still Exploding, permanently installed at the Imperial War Museum North. Currently he is working with Unlimited and Third Angel on new pieces, as well as touring Third Angel's What I Heard About the World and his collaboration with poet Hannah Jane Walker, The Oh Fuck Moment, internationally. He is also making an anthology of solo pieces for publication and performance called Eating Wasps and worked with the Belarus Free Theatre on the English version of their show Minsk 2011, and a new co-written piece, Twelve Proposals for the Future of Europe Respectfully Offered by Observers from the Sidelines. He has been a selector for the NSDF/ISDF for several years and loves it. "


"The miracle of Sajtinac's play, in a pithy and often very funny colloquial version by Chris Thorpe, is that it steers a hopeless situation towards a hopeful conclusion." - Guardian
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