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This Soviet military manual, originally published in the Soviet Union and now available in English for the first time, covers instructions for use and maintenance of perhaps the most widely distributed of all weapons produced by the arms factories of the former Soviet Union: the ubiquitous 7.62mm Simonov self-loading carbine (SKS).


Chapter 1 - General Information: Purpose and Combat Qualities of the Carbine; Construction and Function of the Carbine. Chapter 2 - Disassembly and Assembly of the Carbine Chapter 3 - Nomenclature and Construction of the Carbine's Parts and Mechanisms; Accessories and Stripper Clip for the Carbine; 7.62mm Service Ammunition, Type-1943 Chapter 4 - Position of the Parts and Mechanisms Before Loading; Function of Parts and Mechanisms During Loading; Function of Parts and Mechanisms During Firing. Chapter 5 - Stoppages during Firing from the Carbine and Immediate Actions Chapter 6 - Maintenance, Storage and Preservation of the Carbine: General Instructions, Cleaning and Lubricating; Storage and Preservation of the Carbine and Cartridges. Chapter 7 - Inspection of the Carbine and Preparing it for Firing: General Instructions; Carbine Inspection Procedure for Soldiers and Sergeants; Carbine Inspection Procedure for Officer; Inspection of Accessories; Preparation of the Carbine for firing. Chapter 8 - Verification of the Carbine's Zero and Establishment of Normal Zero: General Instructions; Verification of Zero; Establishment of Normal Zero; Faults that Disturb the Carbine's Normal Zero. Chapter 9 - Methods of Firing with the Carbine Chapter 10 - Conduct of Fire Appendix A Ballistics and Design Data of the 7.62mm Simonov Self-Loading Carbine and Cartridge, Type-1943 Appendix B Penetration Characteristics of Cartridge, Type-1943 Appendix C Magnitude of Mean Trajectory Over Line of Sight Appendix D Mean Quantity of Ammunition Required to Defeat Single Exposed Target with Round One


James F. Gebhardt is a retired U.S. Army officer who served as an enlisted infantryman (1966-69), armor officer (1974-83) and Soviet foreign area officer (1984-91). Gebhardt performed military duty in the Soviet Union and has escorted numerous Soviet scientific, military and diplomatic personnel on U.S. military installations in the United States.

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