The World of the Image

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November 2006



Everywhere we look in today's world, images are pervasive; we are immersed in a world of images-and we are relying more and more on images to understand ourselves and our world. This brief, focused reader explores our reliance on images and the tools of analysis and description that we have to understand what we see.


Preface. 1. The Act of Seeing Deborah Curtis, Seeing and Awareness Denise Grady, The Vision Thing: Mainly in the Brain Mark Prendergrast, When Babies Become Aware of Themselves Annie Dillard, Seeing James Elkins, How to Look at Nothing 2. Mirroring Ourselves Daniel Goleman, Equation for Beauty Emerges in Studies Susan Bardo, Never Just Pictures Philippe Liotard, The Body Jigsaw Donna M. Wells, Visual History and Afican American Families of the Nineteenth Century Gina Kolata & Ivor Peterson, New Jersey Trying a New Way for Witnesses to Pick Suspects 3. The Visual Surround Read Mercer Schuchardt, The Perfect Icon for an Imperfect Postliterate World Thomas J. Campanella, Eden by Wire: Webcameras and the Telepresent Landscape Ann Marie Seward Barry, Media Images and Violence Thomas Hine, Notable Quotables: Why Images Become Icons Robin Landa, Speaking Brand 4. Images and Their Uses Robert Hughes, Behold the Stone Age Edmund Carpenter, Silent Music and Invisible Art David Gelman, Dreams on the Couch Douglas S. Fox, The Inner Savant Oliver Sacks, In the River of Consciousness 5. Pictures That Prod Deborah Solomon, Once Again, Patriotic Themes Ring True as Art Alan Robbins, Dire Image: The Art of Persuasion Richard Goldstein, Cartoon Wars Nina Willdorf, Reality's Flight Leo Tolstoy, What Is Art? 6. The Image as Reality Thomas Wheeler, The Digital Media Landscape: Liquid Imagery, Shaky Credibility Ada Louise Huxtable, Living with the Fake and Learning to Like It Bob Berman, Colorizing the Cosmos Ernst Gombrich, Pygmalion's Power Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechnical Reproduction
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