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September 2002



Our Staff can help you think through the human resources needed for the mission and ministry of your congregation as well as employment issues. This book helps congregations understand their unique roles as employers. Topics include hiring to carry out the church's mission, building working teams, caring for staff members, setting standards and evaluating staff performance. See Excerpts for reproducible tools that can be downloaded and customized. Who might find it helpful Pastors Church staff members Council presidents Personnel committees Mutual ministry committees


"Every congregation will want to own The Congregational Leader Series recently published by Augsburg Fortress. This excellent, landmark series will help congregations, congregational leaders, and their pastors collaborate in moving forward in mission during this time of chaotic change within the Christian Church. The books are easy to read, interesting, and have practical tools that make them especially useful for church council study, committees, management teams, ministry teams, leadership teams, strategic planning groups, and for the congregation as a whole."
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