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In recent years, there have been considerable developments in techniques for the investigation and utilization of enzymes. With the assistance of a co-author, this popular student textbook has now been updated to include techniques such as membrane chromatography, aqueous phase partitioning, engineering recombinant proteins for purification and due to the rapid advances in bioinformatics/proteomics a discussion of the analysis of complex protein mixtures by 2D-electrophoresis and RPHPLC prior to sequencing by mass spectroscopy. Written with the student firmly in mind, no previous knowledge of biochemistry, and little of chemistry, is assumed. It is intended to provide an introduction to enzymology, and a balanced account of all the various theoretical and applied aspects of the subject which are likely to be included in a course.


Part 1 Structure and function of enzymes: Structure of proteins; Biosynthesis and properties of proteins; Specificity of enzyme action; Monomeric and oligomeric enzymes. Part 2 An introduction to bioenergetics, catalysis and kinetics: Kinetics of single-substrate enzyme-catalysed reactions; Enzyme inhibition; Kinetics of multi-substrate enzyme-catalysed reactions; Investigation of active site structure; Chemical nature of enzyme catalysis; Binding of ligands to proteins; Sigmoidal kinetics and allosteric enzymes; The significance of sigmoidal behaviour. Part 3 Investigation of enzymes in biological preparations: Extraction and purification of enzymes; Enzymes as analytical reagents; Instrumental techniques available for use in enzymatic analysis; Applications of enzymatic analysis in medicine, Forensic science and industry; Biotechnological applications of enzymes; Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics; Answers, abbreviations and index.


Trevor Palmer and Philip L Bonner, Nottingham Trent University, UK
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