Parry to Finzi

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September 2005



Offers an overview of the composers from the golden age of English romantic song. This book features: Parry, Stanford, Vaughan Williams, Quilter, Ireland, Gurney, Warlock, Finzi, Denis Browne, Charles Orr, Arthur Somervell, Armstrong Gibbs, Herbert Howells, Elgar, Delius, Holst, Frank Bridge, Arnold Bax, George Butterworth and E J Moeran.


Hold brings a composer's sensibility to his task, notably in his analytical discussion, and fully understands the nature of the marriage effected, and the difficulties involved, in the song-composer's art of blending poetry with music. He is a real companion on his reader's journey of discovery... The text (is) unfailingly readable and astute in judgement. JOHN TALBOT, BRITISH MUSIC SOCIETY NEWSLETTER of the most important treatises on the subject yet written...(Hold) writes superbly, urbanely and - more important - carefully...Highly recommended. THE SINGER Constantly illuminating. JOHN STEANE, GRAMOPHONE This deeply considered, beautifully produced book...will be the standard work on the subject for the foreseeable future. MUSIC & VISION
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Untertitel: Twenty English Song-composers. 1, black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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