Cheese Please, Chimpanzees: Fun with Spelling

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September 2008



A fresh and creative approach to spelling, this fun and educational book invites children to playfully explore and understand the often confusing range of spellings for words with similar sounds. Wild, witty sentences featuring combinations of words with the same sound but different spellings, such as "neighed"-"played"-"mermaid"-"lemonade" and "souvenir"-"reindeer"-"pierced"-"ear," are complemented with inviting illustrations that imaginatively depict the scenes. The educational element is not hammered in but rather suggested in a clever and entertaining way through the vibrant graphics and silly sentences, making the learning enjoyable and inspiring creativity and imagination in readers. A helpful list of words with different spellings for the same sounds is also featured, which helps to reinforce the lessons from the book.

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Untertitel: Empfohlen von 5 bis 7 Jahren. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2008
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