Do You Come Here Often?: A Failure's Guide to Flirting

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Januar 2004



Flirting's a nasty business. Most of us get it pretty wrong. You have to pretend you're a much nicer person than you actually are, attempt to take an interest in what the other person's saying, and work out whether they actually fancy you--all at the same time. But take heart, because you're not alone. And lucky for you, now there's a book. Gleaned from years of experience (of rejection), this book will show you just how bad flirting can get--and how to avoid making the same mistakes. You'll have a good laugh at someone else's ineptitude and learn something too.


How to crack a safe, escape from Alcatraz, get the girl and live the action hero's life. This handbook comes from the creators of The Worst Case Scenario Handbook. The book of the internet phenomenon - a spoof of a local newspaper which quickly became a favourite when it appeared online last year.
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