Strategy Implementation Through Project Management

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September 2001



Detailing the powerful process of strategic project management, this book outlines effective management of complex projects by combining traditional business analysis with project management techniques, enabling project managers to successfully apply tech


1 Introduction - Managing strategic business projects; Managing strategies as projects; Deficiencies - in conventional project management; Case example - the ICI experience; Strategic project management process; Summary and conclusion; 2 Linking projects with business strategy; Introduction; The strategy mix and project management; Project programmes and strategy breakthroughs; Seeing business strategy as a stream of projects; Conclusion; 3 Strategy project definition; Introduction; Scoping the project; Project diagnosis; Identifying the project's key objectives; Conclusion; 4 Project strategy and plan; Introduction; Project options and plans; Implementation strategy - AID, force field, stakeholder analysis; Activity analysis; Conclusion; 5 Strategy project control and learning; Project mobilisation and roles; Project milestones; Project learning; Conclusion; 6 Conclusion.


Tony Grundy is the Director of Cambridge Corporate Development, an independent consultancy specialising in improving strategic, organisational and financial performance. Following a career with BP, ICI and an international retailer, Tony Grundy has spent the last 15 years as a consultant with KPMG, PA and also independently. He has lectured at Cranfield, Cambridge University and City Business School. He is the author of seven books on strategy.

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