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September 2001



A man goes on a journey in search of love and returns to his village carrying death in the form of a plague-ridden rabbit. The village is ravaged by sickness, and the survivors lose their sense of right and wrong. The opposing values of civilization and barbarity balance on a knife's edge. From the novel by Torgny Lindgren and adapted to the stage by Theatre de Complicite.


Studied at Cambridge and trained in Paris. Co-founder and Artistic Director of Complicite with whom he has devised, directed and acted in over 24 productions, toured all over the world and won numerous major international awards. As a director he has been nominated for Olivier, Drama Desk and Tony Awards. As an actor Simon has performed extensively for radio, television and film including Sleepy Hollow, Kafka, Tom and Viv, Being Human, Mesmer, The Ogre, Cousin Bette, Onegin and Eisenstein. Matthew Broughton wrote Rabbit Punching, Jesus of Romford, Burglar Beware, Head First. He is the winner of a place on the Carlton Screenwriters course. Assistant directing: Syme (Bristol Express Theatre Co./The Orange Tree, Richmond); Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Trojan Women (Button Hole Theatre Co.) Founder of Knee Deep in Nihilism and Rollercoaster Theatre Companies. Writer in residenceat GriP Theatre.
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