Animal Sacrifices

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Mai 1987



The issues of animal rights and the use of animals in scientific experimentation are fraught with controversy. Defining the bases of such strong emotional response towards an ethical issue, this book presents the teachings of the major religions of the world concerning animals and, more specifically, their use in science.


Tom Regan, Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University is the author of "Bloomsbury's Prophet: G. E. Moore and the Development of His Moral Philosophy," and the editor of "Health Care Ethics" (with Donald VanDeVeer), "G. E. Moore: The Early Essays," "Just Business," "Earthbound," and "Matters of Life and Death" (all published by Temple).


"This is a challenging and impressive book raising important ethical questions with uncommon force and clarity." --Ethics "Animal Sacrifices is a riveting volume... This latest work carries on Regan's high standard of scholarship and readability... Lucid, accessible, and thought provoking. This book is really a page-turner, for ones curiosity is quickly piqued by the stands religions--which most of us only vaguely understand--have taken on this issue." --Judge Lisa A. Richette, The Catholic Standard and Times "The first of its kind... [This book) is in line with an important trend in the field of religious ethics." --Thomas L. Benson, St. Andrews Presbyterian College
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