Whistle in the Dark

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Juli 1989



A Whistle in the Dark depicts the reunion of an Irish family in Coventy: a picture of Irishmen 'over here' asserting themselves in one of England's post-war dream cities.


Tom Murphy was born in Tuam, County Galway and is one of Ireland's most distinguished playwrights. His plays include Conversations on a Home Coming, Bailegangaire, The Gigli Concert, and Alice Trilogy. His career has been closely associated with The Abbey Theatre, Dublin who have produced many of his plays.


"It is a considerable and refreshing shock to encounter this clenched fist of a play...National identity has been a theme in contemporary Irish drama common to Murphy, Friel and McGuinness. Nothing has been so brutish and direct, though, as this picture of Irishmen "over here" asserting themselves in one of England's post-war dream cities."--"Financial Times""A play worthy of every tribute."-- "The Times of London"
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