Dementia Reconsidered

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April 1997



Text on caring for people with dementia. Emphasis on the humanity of those with dementia.


Series editor's preface - Brian Gearing
On being a person
Dementia as a psychiatric category
How personhood is undermined
Personhood maintained
The experiences of dementia
Improving care
the next step forward
The caring organization
Requirements of a caregiver
The task of cultural transformation


Tom Kitwood is currently the Leader of Bradford Dementia Group and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bradford. He has worked with and for people with dementia for over ten years, and has a rich experience also in training related to dementia care. His many publications in this field are widely known.


"There are many practical ideas for how carers can interact with people with dementia to make their life more enjoyable. In my opinion this book should be required reading for those who train carers...I believe enjoyment and satisfaction will be obtained by carers andcareworkers who study this book." - Alzheimer's Disease Society Newsletter "It has much to offer to all readers and provides and excellent summary and starting point to question our philosophies and practices in relation to dementia care." - Signpost "This is a very radical book; it could be calledrevolutionary...(it) is relevant to all professionals engaged in direct practice with people with dementia as well as policy makers, service planners, managers and resource holders...I believe that it will profoundly influence the development of dementia care in the years ahead." - Journal of Dementia Care "Kitwood's book is an eloquent reminder of the importance of relationship's in caring." - Mental Health Care "...essential reading for anyone working with people with dementia or those who care for them...Kitwood's book is a convincing demonstration that the effort is worthwhile for us all." - Reminiscence "This book sets out a view of dementia and dementia care that is at once simple and profound. The core theory is essentially social-psychological, but it is grounded in a clear moral stance on the value of each individual, and constant awareness of the neurological implications. Tom Kitwood has been highly influential in lifting the status of dementia carepractice to a fascinating speciality that is both art and science. The force of the ideas and the clarity of the writing make this book compelling reading." - Journal of Dementia Care "This book may come to be regarded as a landmark in dementia care." - The Journal of the British Association for service to the elderly "This book arrives with numerous advantages: it has the endorsement of noted authorities in the dementia field; Kitwoodhas 10 years' experience of writing on the subject; it contains a fewcartoons, poems and photos to soften the text; and it appears as partof the 'Re-thinking ageing' series, whose quality is already established. It is also very well produced." - Community Practitioner "For some years now, Tom Kitwood's work on dementia care has stood out as the most important, innovative and creative development in a field that has for too long been neglected. This book is alandmark in dementia care; it brings together, and elaborates on, Kitwood's theory of dementia and of person-centred care in an accessible fashion, that will make this an essential source for all working and researching in the field of dementia care." - Robert Woods, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Wales "Over the last ten years or so Tom Kitwood has made a truly remarkable contribution to our understanding of dementia, and to raising expectations of what can be achieved with empathy and skill. This lucid accountof his thinking and work will communicate his approach to a yet wideraudience. It is to be warmly welcomed." - Mary Marshall, Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling
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