Viking Terror

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August 2006



When Rigg and Ari hunt a wolf in medieval Greenland, their skill and courage are pitted against wily adversaries, with the survival of their people at stake.


Tom Henighan is an expert on Viking lore and Norse mythology. His previous books include "The Well of Time" (1988), shortlisted for the Seal First Novel Award; the initial volume of the "Rigg" series, "Viking Quest" (2001), presently being turned into an animated feature film; and "Mercury Man" (2004), available from Dundurn.


'Tom Henighan's Viking Terror ... is an immediate thrill, a teen romp in the wilds of medieval Greenland." -- Beverley Brenna -- Star Phoenix, Oct 21, 2006 "It's main appeal will be to readers with an interest in medieval Viking culture." -- Kathleen Beck -- VOYA, Feb 2007 "Henighan builds one peril upon another in a carefully mounting ascent. Through minor puzzles ... he opens the door to the possibility of magic before unleashing Freydis's horrors later in the story. He has the same discreet approach to character." -- Paul Butler -- The Globe and Mail, Sept 9, 2006
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