Great Soccer Drills

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"One of the most useful soccer books I've seen."--Dr. John McKeon, executive director (retired), National Soccer Coaches Association of America "Young soccer players should be trained in an environment that is safe, fun, and has direct implications for the game. This book has 125 ways to do just that. I strongly recommend it to all parents and coaches."--Bob Gansler, head coach, Kansas City Wizards (2000 MLS Champions) Did we say "drills"? Sorry, we meant "games." That's right. Games that teach them more effectively than the tedious drills "you" endured as a kid. Games that challenge but do not frustrate them. Games that build rather than undermine a child's confidence and sense of involvement. "Great Soccer Drills" contains 125 dynamic games and activities designed to keep your players moving, thinking, and most of all, having fun. The "games approach" to team practices allows you to teach soccer basics like ball control, movement, passing, and shooting while enhancing team communication and decision-making skills. You'll even learn a thing or two about coaching style, and how to make "improvement"--rather than winning or losing--the goal of your season. Learn creative activities that develop skills quickly and painlessly Use the Troubleshooting Chart to pinpoint problems Develop coordination, cooperation, and camaraderie among your players Design effective practices using the sample practices Create a positive attitude, build team spirit, and get along with parents Make practices fun and rewarding Match practices to age and ability "Since my retirement, I have been coaching youth teams and have found the games approach presented in this book the only way to coach. Amust for every youth soccer coach."--Andy Caruso, founder and former president, Kwik Goal "Already regarded as national authorities on youth coaching and player development, Ron and Tom recently received international recognition when they addressed the European Coaches Associ


From Parent to Coach
The Game/Activity Approach
How to Use This Book
Who We Are
1. Coaching 101
Understanding the Development of Players
Age-Specific Coaching
Essential Concepts: From Theory to Practice
Developing a Philosophy of Coaching
2. Organizing Practices
The Three Ls: Lines, Laps, and Lectures
Involving Players and Parents
Getting Started
Forming Groups
Establishing a Practice Plan
Sample Practices
Troubleshooting Chart
Questions and Answers
3. Ballnastic Warm-Up Activities
Individual Ballnastic Activities
Competitive and Cooperative Exercises in Pairs
4. Body Awareness Games and Activities
Individual Body Awareness
Body Awareness in Pairs
Small-Group Body Awareness
5. Maze Games and Activities
6. Target Games and Activities
Skills Index
About the Authors


Tom Fleck is past president of the National Soccer Coaches Association, a senior member of the United States Soccer National Coaching Staff, and a technical advisor to F.I.F.A., soccer's world governing body. A former general manager of the Philadelphia Fury in the North American Soccer League, he holds a doctor of education degree from Lehigh University and is a certified elementary education teacher. He is currently director of coaching and player development for the Idaho Youth Soccer Association. HOMETOWN: Boise, Idaho
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