Ideology and Inscription: 'Cultural Studies' After Benjamin, de Man, and Bakhtin

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August 2014



A critique of cultural studies that invokes Bakhtin, Benjamin, and de Man.


Introduction: Webwork, or 'That spot is bewitched'; Part I. Ciphers - Or Counter-Genealogies for a Critical 'Present': 1. Reflections on post 'post-mortem de Man'; 2. The ideology of dialogue: the de Man/Bakhtin connection; 3. Mnemotechnics: time of the seance, or the Mimetic blind of 'cultural studies'; Part II. Expropriating 'Cinema' - Or, Hitchcock's Mimetic War: 4. Beyond 'the Gaze': Hitchcock, Zizek, and the ideological sublime; 5. Sabotaging the ocularist state; Part III. Tourings - Or, the Monadic Switchboard: 6. Echotourism: Nietzschean Cyborgs, Anthropophagy, and the rhetoric of science in cultural studies; 7. Altered states: stoned in Marseilles, or the addiction to reference; 8. Contretemps: notes, on contemporary 'travel'.


'This book presents the most comprehensive and brilliant study of critical theory in our day. Tom Cohen writes in lucid, unrelenting prose of the repressed traumas that pervade most forms of contemporary thought.' Avital Ronell 'Cohen's brilliant study is a landmark book that presents in bold delineation the future directions of humanistic studies.' J. Hillis Miller
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