Patriot Games

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November 1988



Reissued with a new jacket.


Since the publication of The Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy has established an unrivalled position as the world's leading thriller writer, with a string of million-selling novels and three major Hollywood films to his name. He is also the author of SSN and the non-fiction books Submarine, Armoured Warfare, Fighter Wing and Marine, and the co-creator of the Op-Centre series.


From the reviews of Patriot Games: 'Tom Clancy has picked up the fiction mantle where Frederick Forsyth left off. The fast action thriller that Clancy fans have come to expect.' Sunday Times 'Tom Clancy has done it again! Compelling and spine-tingling, superb! highly imaginative, believable and horrifying. He sustains a high pitch of excitement! a splendid read.' Wall Street Journal
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