Winning Ways: The Funeral Profession's Guide to Human Relations

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August 1998



Written for the funeral service industry by a funeral service professional, this unique book teaches effective methods of interacting with people.


Section I: Service Excellence.
1. This Thing Called Service.
2. Service.
3. What Price Mistakes?
4. Your Actions Reflect Your Thoughts.
5. Dependability.
6. The Funeral Home's Personality.
7. Clues to Serving The Family.
Section II: The Winning Professional Attitude. 1. Sell The Funeral Home. 2. Client Appreciation. 3. Enthusiasm. 4. So What? 5. Stand by Your Word. 6. Professional Arrogance. 7. The Funeral Professional Requires Tolerance.
8. Patience in the Selection Room.
9. The Funeral Home Gopher.
10. Approval.
11. Flattery.
Section III: Difficult Situations. 1. Client Complaints. 2. The Cynic. 3. Coolness Under Fire. 4. Handling the Difficult Family. 5. Getting Back in Their Good Graces. 6. The Unreasonable Family. 7. The Silent Family.
Section IV: Funeral Director Skills. 1. Confidentiality. 2. The Power of Names. 3. The Value of Listening. 4. Confidence in Funeral Service. 5. Funeral Professionals Are Always Diplomats. 6. Tact. 7. What Impressions Do You Create? 8. Why Argue? 9. The Art of Persuasion. 10. Communication Blunders.
Section V: Communicating With Families. 1. Make It Easier For Families To Deal With You. 2. The Family Is No Mind Reader. 3. Through The Families' Eyes. 4. Put Yourself In The Other Person's Shoes. 5. The Timid Family. 6. Advice.
Section VI: Funeral Service Etiquette. 1. The Power of "Thank You". 2. Old-Fashioned Manners. 3. The Impression You Give. 4. Over Familiarity Breeds Resentment.
Section VII: Our Noble Profession (Inspirational Readings About Funeral Service). 1. The Funeral of The Unknown Soldier. 2. The Honorable Profession. 3. Code of Professional Ethics For The Funeral Service Practitioner. 4. A Winning Personality. 5. "The Undertaker".


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