Oil: Politics, Poverty and the Planet

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Juli 2005



This informative survey of the global oil and gas industry covers both its changes and its continuities. The reader is introduced to what is happening in both producer and consumer states, to governments and corporations, to current trends and likely future developments. Fundamental questions are asked: notably who benefits? Why is the economic development record of so many oil exporting states so abysmal? How does oil extraction exacerbate ethnic and regional tensions in the world? What are the human rights and environmental issues involved? Above all, what future for fossil fuels as our climate changes? This account is vital reading for anyone wanting to understand the impact of oil and gas on our world today.


1. Oil and Natural Gas: The Issues; 2. Insatiable Demand and the Quest for Supply; Feeding frenzy; Production now and for the future; Financing the consumption boom; 3. Conflict, Poverty, Inequality: the Mixed Blessings of Oil; The revenue rollercoaster; Smoothing the ride; Bitter harvest from 'sowing the oil'; Oil and poverty; The petro-economies and the scramble for spoils; Rent allocation and corruption: shades of grey; Oil and civil conflict; Local versus national government; Oil and labour; Cross-border tensions; 4. Oil Security and Global Strategy; Cold War years; Producers to the fore; The IEA: meeting collective action with collective action; Garrisoning the Middle East; War on terror: new name, same policy; Securing the Caspian or opening Pandora's Box?; Targets galore; China: tomorrow's bogeyman; Controlling Iraq, replacing Saudi Arabia?; 5. Petro-Nationalism; Opec: the producers stake their claim; From bear pit to central bank; Return of the companies; An Opec for natural gas producers?; Rise of the new consumers; 6. 'Alternatives' to Oil: Environmental and Security Imperatives; Kyoto: up to the top of the hill (and down again); The cost of cleaning up emissions; War gaming meets global warming; 'Alternatives': blurring security and sustainability; Evaluating the 'alternatives'; Hydrogen economy: Just another hydrocarbon economy?; 7. Conclusion: Posing the Questions; Notes; Index; Tables: 1. World oil and natural gas proven reserves; 2. Top 10 oil producers; 3. Top 10 gas producers; 4. Global oil demand: Projections; 5. World natural gas demand: Projections; 6. Oil Prices: nominal and real; 7. Oil and oil products as a proportion export earnings of Opec countries


Toby Shelley is an investigative journalist with the Financial Times who specialises in the energy sector. He has reported from the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and was previously regional energy news editor for Dow Jones Newswires. His most recent book is Endgame in the Western Sahara (Zed Books, 2004).
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