Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers

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Oktober 2008



This is a fantastic resource for the growing numbers of "green" parents: a knitting book using only organic yarns--from traditional pure cotton to innovative fibers such as corn and hemp. Created by a knitting supplies entrepreneur who knits for her own children, it offers a varied selection of eco-friendly projects: seven adorable designs for babies, from the Cotton Blanket and Toy to the Wool Muff, Hat and Mitten set; and eight for toddlers, including a Hemp T-shirt and Combats, and a Wool Hoodie. Also included are accessories such as Cotton Diaper Liners and an Alpaca Lavender Pillow. Instruction in knitting basics, plus tips on garment care and yarn sources, make it perfect for knitters of all abilities.


Tina Barrett runs a successful small business Knitty Nora, writes children's books and contributes to magazines. Whilst pregnant Tina discovered the huge popularity of ethical baby products and came up with the idea for Natural Knits... Her quirky approach has proved hugely successful with her first book for GMC Publications (see below)
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