Chrisitian Mission in the Twentieth Century

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Juni 1996



'Christian Mission in the Twentieth Century ought to become the standard text for the teaching of missiology, a discipline without which no training for the Christian ministry can be considered adequate for today's world.' --Lesslie Newbigin


Preface; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Part I. 1900-1940: Introduction; 1. Mission as expansion 1900-1910; 2. Mission as the church of a people (Volkskirche) 1910-1920; 3. Mission appraised (1): 1920-1940; 4. Mission appraised (2): 1920-1940; Part II. 1940-1990: Preface to Part II; 5. Mission as presence and dialogue 1950-1960; 6. Mission as proclamation, dialogue and liberation 1960-1970; 7. Mission as proclamation and church growth 1970-1980; 8. Pluralism and enlightenment 1980-1990; Appendix; Select bibliography; Index.


'It is good that Timothy Yates's excellent review of modern mission ... is now available in paperback. Timothy Yates shows that he possesses the rare gifts of encyclopaedic knowledge of the relevant material and the ability to discern its significance and patterns. Well written, and what is most impressive is Dr Yates's ability to write a review which teems with facts and insights without overwhelming or boring the reader.' The Expository Times 'It takes great skill and self-discipline to deal with a vast subject succinctly, to master its literature, condense its history and offer lightning sketches of key personalities in an act of compression that avoids distortion ... Timothy Yates brings it off triumphantly, and in interesting prose as well. This book is a very good read.' Colin Morris, Church Times 'A superbly readable digest of twentieth century missiological themes and movements, together with an engaging account of the formative persons most closely linked to them ... Christian Mission in the Twentieth Century can safely be placed in the hands of beginning students.' International Bulletin of Missionary Research 'Masterly ... This book ought to become a standard textbook for courses in missiology.' Gospel and Culture '... a very helpful reference work'. Themelois Volume 23:1
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