News Corporation, Technology and the Workplace

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This book examines technological innovation and workplace restructuring carried out by News Corporation in its newspaper holdings in Britain, the United States and Australia. Timothy Marjoribanks finds that while some outcomes at various local sites were similar, many were dramatically different. His study reveals that existing social relations in a particular location have a major impact on workplace reforms. Significantly, it emphasizes the importance of analyzing the connections between events occurring locally, nationally and globally if we are to understand the growing influence of corporate actors such as News Corporation.


Part I. Technological Innovation and Workplace Reorganisation: The Newspaper Industry: 1. Global technology and the local workplace: a theoretical debate; 2. The institutional and societal context: Britain, Australia and the United States; 3. The newspaper industry: historical developments in the three countries; Part II. Technological Innovation and Workplace Reorganisation: News Corporation: 4. News Corporation Limited: a global media company; 5. Wapping: technological change or workplace power?; 6. The Adelaide Advertiser: Wapping South?; 7 News Corporation in The United States: The Land of Opportunity?; Conclusion: News Corporation: combining the global and the local.


'... the study provides a valuable contribution to the discussion of one of the major technological changes in the late twentieth century. It also sets the case studies well in their political and industrial relations context and illuminates how technological change strategies in News Corporation evolved differently at the workplace level.' International Journal of Employment Studies
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