Beyond Comparison: Sex and Discrimination

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Juni 2003



Timothy Macklem argues that the heart of discrimination lies not in unfavorable comparisons with the treatment and opportunities that men enjoy, but rather, in a denial of resources and opportunities that women need to lead successful and meaningful lives. This work promises to be a milestone in the debate about gender equality and will interest students and professionals concerned with legal theory and gender studies.


1. The issues; 2. Equality; 3. Difference; 4. Reasons for feminism; 5. The value of diversity; 6. The character of disadvantage; 7. The role of sexual identity in a successful life; 8. Equality, difference and the law.


'Macklem's Beyond Comparison is an utterly novel approach to the understanding of discrimination based on sex. Beginning with a powerful example of whether a woman's naked chest means the same thing as a man's, Macklem explores the nature of sexual difference and its fundamental connections to an objective theory of value. Knowledge of what differences between men and women genuinely matter to sexual identity, Macklem contends, can help us to see when differential treatment is illegitimate disadvantage, and when it is not. Macklem's work should prove equally challenging to those who believe there are essential differences between men and women, and those who believe difference is a matter of social construction.' Leslie Francis, University of Utah
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