Developing Your Case for Support

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August 2001



Learn step by step how to craft a winning case statement! This tool in the "Excellence in Fund Raising Workbook Series" offers you a practical, hands-on guide to creating the cornerstone of any successful fund raising program--an effective case for support. Written by Tim Seiler--a leader in the field of fund raising and a disciple of master fund raiser Hank Rosso--"Developing Your Case for Support" provides you with a complete framework for bringing together all the reasons nonprofits know they are worthy of support, and shows you how to develop a case that makes those reasons concrete and real for donors. Filled with helpful worksheets and examples, the workbook features a step-by-step methodology for gathering, organizing, and using the information essential for developing a compelling case statement.


Timothy L. Seiler is director of Public Service and The Fund Raising School and assistant professor of philanthropic studies at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Formerly, he was vice president of Indiana University Foundation. He is the editor--in--chief of the Excellence in Fund Raising Workbook Series from Jossey--Bass and coeditor of New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising.


"I can heartily recommend this book." (, January 17, 2003)
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