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In Green Urbanism, Timothy Beatley explains what planners and local officials in the United States can learn from the sustainable cities movement in Europe. The book draws from the extensive European experience, examining the progress and policies of twenty-five of the most innovative cities in eleven European countries. Beatley focuses on the key lessons from these cities and what their experience can teach us about effectively and creatively promoting sustainable development in the United States.Green Urbanism will be a useful reference and source of ideas for urban and regional planners, state and local officials, policymakers, students of planning and geography, and anyone concerned with how cities can become more livable.


Land use and urban form - planning compact cities; housing and living environments; green transport and mobility studies; taming the auto - the promise of car-free cities?; bicycles - low-tech ecological mobility; cities like forests - urban ecology and strategies for greening the urban environment; urban eco-cycling balancing; renewable energy cities; building ecologically; ecological governance in green urban cities; building a sustainable economy; the promises of green urbanisms.


Timothy Beatley is Teresa Heinz professor of Sustainable Communities at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. His books include "An Introduction to Coastal Zone Management" (Island Press, 1994; 2nd ed., 2002), "The Ecology of Place" (Island Press, 1997), and "Green Urbanism" (Island Press, 2000).
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