Texas Ghost Stories: Fifty Favorites for the Telling

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Some humorous, some haunting, and some just late-night terrifying, these stories, gathered by two favorite Texas tellers, span a rich cultural heritage from the earliest Spanish explorers to the present, from La Llorona (the Weeping Woman) to the vanishing hitchhiker. Introduced by John O. West and John L. Davis, two of Texas' most respected folklorists, the stories include tales adapted by European settlers to their new southwestern settings, more historically rooted legends about such early pioneers as Britt Bailey of the Gulf Coast prairie and Josiah Wilbarger of Austin, and those notorious contemporary cautionary tales known as urban legends. With two appendixes addressing selection, learning, and telling of stories as well as sources and scholarship, Texas Ghost Stories is a full-service compendium for tellers, teachers, readers, and collectors. Celebrating both the blending and the diversity of Texan cultures through the timeless stories we love to be scared by, it is a treasury for all Texans and for those who really want to know us.


Macario La Llorona Tailybone The Hairy Man Mary Culhaine Death Makes a Call Fiddling on Devil's Backbone Boo Hag Clickety-Clack Bones The Insolent Owl Dancing with the Devil Don't Fall in My Chili Little Eight John The Bell Witch Low River Bruja Knock! Knock! Mister Fox Josiah Wilbarger Rattlesnake Gold The Doctor's Eerie House Call East Texas Ghost Dog Guardians of the Alamo Stampede Mesa Dolores El Lloron Jim Bowie's Ghost Dry Frio Alamo Spirit Pecan The Knapsack The Ghost of San Luis Pass Brit Bailey Lafitte's Treasure Fiddle Music on the San Bernard Ross and Anna Chipita Rodriquez Ben and Burl La Lechuza The Lady of White Rock Lake La Llorona at Mission Concepcion The Lady in Black Prom Queen Room 636 at the Gunter Midget Mansion The Lady in the Red Dress Empanada Man The Crying Children of Carrollton Fang Baby of Old Pearsal Road The Lady with the Hook Skinwalker Children of the Tracks Donkey Lady
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