Psyche, Self and Soul

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September 2004



Psyche, Self and Soul is a many faceted exploration of the relationship of psychotherapy and spirituality. Introducing the term 'an everyday transcendence', Gargiulo studies the silent alone space of each individual and relates a psychoanalytic exploration to a spiritual journey. Calling on the thought of philosophers, theologians, scientists and analysts, the text gives a new framework for understanding psychoanalysis and spirituality grounded in the here and now as well as a psychoanalysis that respects mystery, justice and civility. The clinical cases demonstrate how each patient's task must be understood as individualized, and consequently, how the analyst/therapist must creatively adapt clinical technique. D.W. Winnicott's thoughts are applied throughout the text and are given a comprehensive summary in the final chapters.


Acknowledgments. About the author. Foreword (James Grotstein). Preface. SECTION 1: THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS. Chapter 1. Meaning and Metaphor in Psychoanalysis. Chapter 2. Aloneness in Psychoanalysis and Spirituality. Chapter 3. Psychoanalysis, Spirituality, and the Possibility of Meaning. Chapter 4. Mind, Metaphor, and the 'I' in Psychoanalysis and Spirituality. Chapter 5. Authority, the Self, and Psychoanalysis and Spirituality. SECTION 2: CLINICAL STUDIES: IN SEARCH OF A SELF. Chapter 6. Language, Love, and Healing. Chapter 7. Empathy and Reverie. Chapter 8. Reflections, Musings, and Interventions: A Personal Communication on Psychoanalytic Work. Chapter 9. Anna O.: An English Object Relations Approach. SECTION 3: D. W. WINNICOTT. Chapter 10. Winnicott's Psychoanalytic Playground. Chapter 11. Sublimation: Winnicottian Reflections. SECTION 4: CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. Chapter 12. A Psychoanalytic/Spiritual Adventure. Appendix A: Review Essay. A Modern Dialogue with Freud: Freud and Philosophy. Appendix B: Review Essay. Who is the Dreamer who Dreams the Dream? A Study of Psychic Presences. References. Index.


"... would recommend this collection of essays to analysts, students of religious studies who are interested in psychoanalysis and anyone else !" (The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, April 2006)
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