The Act of Marriage After 40

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September 2000



This book covers such topics as nutrition (how do nutritional supplements affect your sex life?), fitness, sexual desire (does sexual desire actually reverse with age?), male impotence (psychological and physical causes, including a discussion of Viagra), female hormone drugs (the effect on desire), menopause and hysterectomy sex, first-time marriage after 40, and much more.


Table of Contents
Introduction: Why the need for this book
One: Love for a Long, Long Lifetime
A couple's sexual relationship changes with the ages, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Two: The Change of Life
Every woman goes through menopause, which has repercussions regarding the sexual relationship.
Three: The Male Menopause
Is there such a thing? How do men change physically in the forties and fifties?
Four: A Streetcar Named Desire
Women often lose their desire for sex in the midlife years. What can be done?
Five: A Refresher Course
Is your love life in a twenty-year-long wagon rut? If so, here are some tips.
Six: Great Sex at Any Age
Intimacy never goes out of style.
Seven: When You're Dealing with ED
It's called ED--erectile dysfunction. Here's why you're hearing so much about it, and why we're becoming a Viagra nation.
Eight: Don't Delay; Go Today
Breast cancer is a terrible modern-day scourge for midlife women. This chapter talks about how breast cancer affects the sexual relationship.
Nine: No Laughing Matter
The male counterpart to breast cancer is prostate cancer, and it's no laughing matter.
Ten: "In Sickness and in Health"
How does the sexual relationship change when one of the partners is incapacitated or suffering from a disease?
Eleven: The Temptations
The eye can wander in the midlife years, and extramarital liaisons are disastrous affairs.
Twelve: Exercise and Nutrition for a
Healthy Sex Life
If you want to keep having a great sex life, you need to get in shape and eat right. Here's how to do it.
Thirteen: Questions and Answers
This chapter is a grab bag of questions answered by Tim.
Fourteen: The Critical Component
Midlife men and women need more than a great sex life; they also need Jesus.
Fifteen: A Couple with Hope
David and Sonya Moore, in their mid-forties, describe the life of a marriage.
Appendix: The "Act of Marriage After 40
Survey" Results
With comments from Tim LaHaye


Beverly LaHaye ( is the best-selling author of (with Terri Blackstock) Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Times and Seasons, and The Act of Marriage (with her husband, Tim). She is the founder and chairwoman of Concerned Women for America and shares a daily devotional commentary on the nationally syndicated radio show Concerned Women Today. She and her husband live in southern California. Tim LaHaye, D.Min., Litt.D., is a noted author, minister, educator, and nationally recognized speaker on Bible prophecy. He is president of Tim LaHaye Ministries ( and founder of the Pre Trib Research Center. He has written over forty books, including The Act of Marriage and The Act of Marriage After 40 (both with Beverly LaHaye), How to Win Over Depression, Spirit-Controlled Temperament, and the best-selling Left Behind fiction series (with Jerry B. Jenkins). Tim and his wife, Beverly, live in southern California. Tim LaHaye, destacado escritor, ministro, consejero y reconocido hablador en profecias de la Biblia. El es presidente de Tim LaHaye Ministerio y fundador de Pre Trib Centro de Investigasion. El ha escrito mas de 40 libros incluyendo. El Acto del Matrimonio. Y El Acto del Matrimonio despues de los 40( juntos con Beverly LaHaye), Como Ganar sobre Depresion, Espiritu Controla el Temperamento, y el mejor bendido. Dejados Atras ficcion series ( con Jerry B. Jenkins) Tim y su esposa Beberly viven en el Sur de California. Mike Yorkey, with thirty books to his credit, is a long-suffering San Diego Padres fan living in Encinitas, California.
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