Practical Ideas for Cutting Costs and Ways to Generate Alternative Revenue Sources

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It would be impossible for any school official to read this book and not find a number of viable cost-saving tips for: district and school-level administration; curriculum, instruction, vocational, and special education; student services and media; building and grounds; maintenance, pupil transportation, and food services; and community colleges. Here, the authors offer time-tested, practical ideas, which are proven to work.


Tim Adsit is superintendent/principal of Harney County School Districts No. 4 and #1J located in Crane, Oregon. He has had 31 years of successful and progressively responsible experience as a teacher and school administrator. George Murdock is superintendent of the Umatilla-Morrow Education Service District in Pendleton, Oregon, the executive director of the Oregon Small Schools Association, and the president of the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts. He was previously superintendent of the Pasco (Washington) School District with a current enrollment of 11,500 students. In 1997, he was named Washington's superintendent of the year.


It's not often that you can buy a book and actually pay for it many times over with the savings that are found inside, but this is certainly the case with this one. The authors have provided hundreds of cost-saving possibilities based upon their own personal experiences in public schools-a factor which makes it all that more credible. -- Tom Brandon, former deputy superintendent for operations, Pasco School District, Pasco, Washington Between chapters on declining funds for schools and generating alternative revenue sources in education, they look at cost-saving for district and school-level administration, instructional services, support services, and community colleges. Reference and Research Book News It would be impossible for any school district administrator to not find a number of viable possibilities for saving money in this book. School Administrator I am going to recommend this book for each of our administrative interns as well as for practitioners now working in the field. I wish something like this had been available a few years ago when I was actively working as a school superintendent. With school districts across the country in a financial crunch, this book will be a vital resource for local districts. -- Al Meunier, director, Eastern Oregon Leadership Center and former superintendent, Pendleton School District, Pendleton, Oregon
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