House at the Edge of the World

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April 2005



Drunken wakes, mistaken corpses, strongman competitions with mountain goats, and salmon poaching at midnight by the light of a torch while hiding from the police, are among the poignant and comic anecdotes littered throughout this honest, funny story. Such hilarious events are inevitable for the South African family that spends four years living in rural Ireland, rebuilding their dream stone cottage from scratch, dealing with meddling locals, and learning to appreciate the country folk's very strange antics.


Knocking on heaven's door; a caravan of one's own; the shrinking hill; everyone goes nuts except me, tilting at windmills; sorting the men from the rams; poached salmon; outfoxing the banker; the patter of little wellies; not only in Russia; Mr Gogol; Turf Wars; the lambing; lost on the swings; to kill a mockingbird; trouble at the pearly gates; postman padraig; a mountain too far; back to Africa.
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