Birth to Death: Science and Bioethics

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November 2003



The explosive growth of science and medicine in recent times has raised a host of ethical issues. This book reviews major advances in biology and medicine and explores their ethical implications. Organized by stage of human life--from birth to death--the book guides readers through the critical issues that face our technologically advanced society.


Part I. Introduction David C. Thomasma and Thomasine Kushner: Part II. Genetics: 1. Genetics: a scientific sketch Karen Dawson; 2. The genetic revolution Daniel Callahan; 3. Genetic knowledge: some legal and ethical questions Robert Schwartz; Part III. Reproductive Technologies: 4. The 'Art' of medically-assisted reproduction: an embryo is an embryo is an embryo Michael E. McClure; 5. 'O brave new world': rationality in reproduction Albert R. Jonsen; 6. Reproduction, abortion and rights Rosamond Rhodes; Part IV. Children and Women in Health Care: 7. The critically ill neonate James M Adams; 8. Medical technology and the child Amnon Goldworth; 9. On caring for children Mary Mahowald; Part V. Transpantation: 10. Clinical transplantation Robert Sells; 11. Transplantation and ethics Raanan Gillon; 12. Legalizing payment for transplantable cadaveric organs James F. Blumstein; 13. Part VI. Aging: 14. Scientific advances in aging John Morley; 15. Ethics and aging George Agich; 16. People with dementia: a moral challenge Stephen Post; Part VII. Prolonging Life/Death: 17. Personal dying and medical death Steven Miles; 18. Stopping futile medical treatment: ethical issues Nancy Jecker and Lawrence J. Schneiderman; 19. The sorcerer's broom: medicine's rampant technology Eric J. Cassell; Part VIII. Care of the Dying: 20. Modern technology and care of the dying Ronald E Cranford; 21. Care of the dying from an ethics perspective T. Patrick Hill; Part IX. Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: 22. Euthanasia and assisted suicide Pieter Admiraal; 23. Physician- sssisted suicide: progress or peril? Christine Cassel; 24. 'I will give no deadly drug': why doctors must not kill Leon Kass; 25. Voluntary euthanasia and other medical end-of-life decisions: doctors should be permitted to give death a helping hand Helga Kuhse; Part X. Humans as Research Subjects: 26. Humans as research subjects Herman Wigodsky and Sue Keir Hoppe; 27. Research involving children as subjects Robert J. Levine; 28. Future challenges of medical research review boards Charles R. McKay; Part XI. Using Animals in Research: 29. Animals in research Franklin Loew; 30. Taking duties seriously: medical experimentation, animal rights and moral incoherence Daniel A. Moros; 31. Animal rights and social practices Ted Benton; Part XII. The Environment: 32. The science of the environment Andrew Pullin; 33. Environmental ethics Andrew Dobson; 34. Human activity and environment ethics Andrew Jameton; Part XIII. Postscript David C. Thomasma and Thomasine Kushner.


'The authors of this text have done a good job.' Roy Calne, Elsevier Science
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