Repression, Resistance, and Democratic Transition in Central America

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August 2001



For Central America, the last third of the twentieth century was a time of dramatic change in which most countries shifted from dictatorships to formal political democracy. The process of transition in most Central American countries was made possible onl


Chapter 1 Introduction: Concepts, Issues, and Background Part 2 I The Countries Chapter 3 Guatemala: Intervention, Repression, Revolt, and Negotiated Transition Chapter 4 El Salvador: Revolt and Negotiated Transition Chapter 5 Honduras: Militarism and Democratization in Troubled Waters Chapter 6 Nicaragua: Transition through Revolution Chapter 7 Costa Rica: Buffeted Democracy Chapter 8 Panama: Militarism and Imposed Transition Part 9 II The Forces Chapter 10 External Actors: Other States Chapter 11 External Actors: The United Nations and the Organization of American States Chapter 12 Religion in the Central American Embroglio Chapter 13 Neoliberalism in Central America Chapter 14 Civil Society and Democratic Transition Chapter 15 Conclusion: Conceptual Issues on Democratization in Central America Chapter 16 Index Chapter 17 About the Contributors


Recommended for all research collections. CHOICE Great for teaching, reference, term papers, or just sorting out the contemporary politics of this tortured region. -- John Coatsworth, Harvard University Welcome additions to the already rich body of literature on Central America. In addition to deepening analysis of and asking new questions about the effects of the region's political and economic crises, especially the impact of war, these authors also point to new directions for evaluating the prospects of lasting peace and democracy. -- David Carey Jr., University of Southern Maine While most of Latin America recently passed from repressive dictatorship to formal democracy, the unusual nature of that transition in nearly all of Central America has received considerably less scholarly attention than it deserves. Written by a team of internationally known specialists, this volume goes a long way in correcting that deficiency. -- Oscar Arias Sanchez, president of Costa Rica, 1986?98
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