Rural Society and the Search for Order in Early Modern Germany

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Juni 2002



A probing study of German village life between the early Reformation and the Thirty Years' War.


List of illustrations and tables; Acknowledgements; A note on usages; Glossary; List of abbreviations; introduction; Part I. Agrarian Expansion, Revolt and the Decay of Community: 1. Anatomy of a rural society; 2. Peasants' war and reformation; 3. Rich and poor; Part II. Search for Order: 4. Reformation, patriarchy and marital discipline; 5. Defending the patrimony; 6. The unchristian economy; 7. Threat of revolt; Part III. Crisis and Recovery: 8. Crisis; 9. Agrarian order restored; 10. Village society and the practice of state power; Appendices; Manuscript sources; Bibliographical essay; Index.


"Thomas Robisheaux provides a welcome addition to the growing body of literature on what has until very recently been a rather neglected period of German history--that between the the Peace of Augsburg and the Thirty Years' War. His meticulously researched and gracefully written book examines rural life in the small patrimonial estate of Hohenlohe in southwest Germany from roughly 1500 to 1680, with special emphasis on the period 1550 to 1620. Using an enviable variety of sources, Robisheaux both tests the theories of other historians regarding peasants and other rural groups and develops his own. The author uses a good blend of statistics, narrative, and analysis, and includes a chapter-by-chapter bibliographic essay rather than a standard bibliography." Merry E. Wiesner, The Sixteenth Century Journal
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