Gender, Welfare State and the Market: Towards a New Division of Labour

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This volume represents the present state of theoretical debate in welfare state scholarship, drawing on research from western Europe, North America and Japan. It therefore provides a valuable balance of breadth and detail from the broad international overview to comparisons between specific welfare states and national case studies.


Introduction: Gender, welfare state and the market: towards a new division of labour? Thomas P. Boje and Arnlaug Leira Section 1: Women's Employment and Welfare Systems 1. Paid work, unpaid work and welfare: towards a framework for studying welfare state variation Mary Daly 2. Citizenship, family policy and women's pattern of employment Thomas P. Boje and Anna-Lena Almqvist 3. Variation within post-fordist and liberal welfare state countries, women's work and social rights in Canada and the United States Cecilia Benoit 4. Family policy and mothers' employment: cross-national varitions Janet Gornick Section II. Family Policy - Work and Care in Different Welfare Systems 5. Gendered Policies: family obligations and social policies in Europe Chiara Saraceno 6. Combining work and family: Nordic policy reforms in the 1990s Arnlaug Leira 7. Child care policies in Japan: post-war developments and recent reforms Ito Peng 8. Changing obligations and expectations: lone parenthood and social policy Jane Millar 9. Solo mothers - how do they work and care in different welfare state regimes? Jorgen Elm Larsen 10. Labour, gender, and the state Evelyn Mahon
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