The Pet Lover's Guide to First Aid & Emergencies

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September 2005



Describing how to recognize an emergency, including surveying the pet and assessing the scene, this volume features a list of emergency situations and how to respond. Includes an alphabetical list of both major and minor emergencies and first aid treatment for both dogs and cats. In addition, the book describes CPR and includes suggestions for a pet first-aid kit, including which human drugs may be used on pets.


1. What is normal in your pet?
2. Learning to recognize an emergency
3. Emergency situations and what to do (and what NOT to do)
a. trauma i. Hit by car ii. Gunshot would iii. Fight with another animal iv. Falling from a height
b. difficulty breathing
c. seizures
d. cuts and gashes
e. excessive bleeding
f. snake or insect bites
g. heat stroke
h. poisoning
i. shock
j. open wounds with or without exposed bones, etc.
k. burns
l. etc.
4. How to perform CPR
5. Specific emergencies (examples) - alphabetical listing a. Abrasions (cuts and scrapes) i. Causes ii. Signs iii. First Aid b. Balance, loss of i. Causes ii. Signs iii. First aid c. Back, broken i. Causes ii. Signs iii. First aid d. etc.
6. First Aid Kit
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