Contemporary Spanish Film from Fiction

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Examines cinematic versions of post-Civil War narratives that had their debut during three key decades of recent Spanish cinema (1965-1995). These include classics of twentieth century Spanish literature by authors such as Camilo Jos Cela, Miguel Delibes, and Luis Mart n Santos, works by recent best-selling authors Antonio Mu oz Molina, Arturo P rez Reverte, and Juan Madrid, and many others. Directors like Vicente Aranda, V ctor Erice, Mario Camus, and Pilar Mir show how literary material can be transformed into superb cinema.


Thomas G. Deveny is Professor of Spanish and Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages at Western Maryland College in Westminster, Maryland. Professor Deveny has published numerous articles on Spanish film and Spanish literature, and he is author of Cain on Screen: Contemporary Spanish Cinema (Scarecrow Press, 1993).


The analyses are often very detailed, and pay particular attention to relations between cinematic treatment and literary source. Reference Reviews The depth and scale of the entries is outstanding. Deveny's research is of such thoroughness and detail that it will astound even the most informed reader... This invaluable publication will be of great interest to scholars of literature, film and indeed contemporary Spain... British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain ...for anyone interested in a major genre of the Spanish cinema this volume will be essential reading. Revista De Estudios Hispanicos ...a useful reference... Classic Images
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