The Royal Irish Constabulary

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Thomas Fennell provides an account, previously unpublished, of life in the Royal Irish Constabulary during the turbulent 30-year period, 1875-1905. His early accounts begin during the Land Wars, and continue up to the Irish War of Independence.


Organization and recruiting; strength and distribution of the force; officers; men; discipline; inspectors; promotion; favourable records; correspondence; bigotry; the administration of the law; The Land War; how service affected the men; disciplinary restraint; a few reflections; a retrospect of 70 years; the Parnell Commission; emigration; gains versus odds; a few words more; addendum. Appendices: Police record; obituaries.


"Thomas Fennell's book will appeal on its own merits to a wide readership. It will enlighten students that study the origin of modern policing and it will be a treasured item on the bookshelf of any family associated with The Royal Irish Constabulary." IPA (International Police Association) Journal Dec 2003 "University College Dublin Press has now published over thirty 'Classics of Irish History'. These contemporary accounts by well known personalities of historical events and attitudes have an immediacy that conventional histories do not have. Introductions by modern historians provide additional historical background and, with hindsight, objectivity." Books Ireland Nov 2007 "Scholars of nineteenth-century Irish and Irish-American politics should reacquaint themselves with these classics, part of a long running and immensely useful series from University College Dublin Press." Irish Literary Supplement Fall 2008
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