The Singing and Acting Handbook

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November 1999



This book is an unique resource which directly addresses all performers who sing and act, whether in opera, musical theatre or music-theatre. By looking beyond the separate acts of singing and acting the performer builds up a greater awareness of how the two interrelate to form a single powerful expression.
Using games, exercises and discussion, The Singing and Acting Handbook takes a stimulating approach to the demands made upon today's performers, and will equip both the experienced professional and the student to take full advantage of rehearsal and performance. With advice on approaches to learning music, interpreting scores, and building characters, it provides a long-awaited innovative resource for performers, directors, workshop leaders and teachers.


Preface Acknowledgements Part One: Introduction Chapter 1. Singing and Acting in Performance Introduction, Music and Drama, The Structure of Sung Theatre, The Past, the Present and the Challenge of Terminology, The Performer, The Fundamental Disciplines, Using the Exercises, The workshop Process, The Leader and the Workshop Process Part Two. The Exercises Chapter 2. The Fundamental Disciplines Preparing the Ground, Relaxation, Exercise 1, Dissociation, Exercise 2, Visualisation, Exercises 3-4, Warming Up, Exercises 5-6, Energising, Exercises 7-14, Concentration, Exercises 15-23, Awareness, Exercises 24-39, Imagination and Spontaneity, Exercises 40-47 Chapter 3. Rhythm, Pulse and Time Rhythm and Time, Exercise 48, Pulse, Exercises 49-60, Musical Structure, Exercises 61-64, Suspending a Moment, Exercises 65-68, Exercises 69, Using Rhythm and Pulse to Create Emotion Chapter 4. Music, Text and the Score Approaching the Score, Learning the Score, Interpreting the Score, Exercise 70, The Relationship Between Text and Music, Exercises 71-75, Exploring the Sound and Word Association, Exercises 76-79, Being Present, Exercises 80-86, Dialogue, Recitative and Heightened Text, Exercises 87-92 Chapter 5. Character and Emotion Character, Music and Character, Exercises 93-99, Acting in Sung Theatre, Exercises 100-101, Gesture, Exercises 102-106, Eye Language and Focus, Exercises 107-108, Emotion, Exercises 109-119 Chapter 6. Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Index of Games and Exercises by Title


""The Singing and Acting Handbook is an excellent reference resource intended to create and keep alive the requisite self-knowledge, imagination, and creativity to distinguish the especially talented performer from the thousands of others.."-Choice "Teachers of music theater or opera will want this in their libraries for the use of students at all levels.."-Choice "This wonderful compendium of exercises clearly supports the authors' basic tenet that musical theater is greater than the sum of its usually segregated parts. Certain to become a standard in this discipline."-"Library Journal, February 15, 2000 "For any institution serious about integrating singing and acting, this book should be the first port of call."-John Caird, Honarary Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Co-director of 'Les Miserables', London and New York "[A] groundbreaking collection of exercises."-Paul Reeve, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
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