15 Life-Related Dramas for Use in Worship and Other Congregational Settings

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März 1996



People involved in church drama have the rare privilege of bridging the Word and life for God's people. That is no small task. But where the Word is, there the Spirit is as well. And where the Spirit is, there is always drama. The dramas in this section depict a truth that Jesus exhibited again and again -- the Word of God is illustrated all around us. Use these dramas in your midweek classes, in school chapels, in Bible studies, with youth groups, or with congregations.<P>Add a change of pace to the worship service and even small group Bible studies with this collection of short dramas. Each reproducible drama addresses spiritual issues families and individuals face in everyday life. Memorization is not required; the scripts are perfect for "readers' theater" drama. Includes short homily, questions and discussion activities, introductory guidelines and drama presentation options.

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