The Invention of the White Race Vol II

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August 1997



Continuing his acclaimed societal study, scholar Theodore Allen explores how the degradation of African bond-laborers into slaves produced, for the first time in Anglo-America, racism based on color differences. Citing the famous Bacon's Rebellion, Allen suggests that by giving poor white laborers privilege due to their skin color, the plantation bourgeoisie "invented the white race" as an institution, with repercussions to the present.


Theodore W. Allen is an independent scholar living in New York.


Praise for Volume One: Racial Oppression and Social Control: "A path-breaking work." - Noel Ignatiev, Journal of Social History "A powerful and polemical study." -- Times Literary Supplement "A monumental study of the birth of racism in the American South ... a highly original and seminal work." -- David Roediger, University of Minnesota
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