The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Southeast

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Though they speak several different languages and organize themselves into many distinct tribes, the Native American peoples of the Southeast share a complex ancient culture and a tumultuous history. This volume examines and synthesizes their history through each of its integral phases: the complex and elaborate societies that emerged and flourished in the Pre-Columbian period; the triple curse of disease, economic dependency, and political instability brought by the European invasion; the role of Native Americans in the inter-colonial struggles for control of the region; the removal of the "Five Civilized Tribes" to Oklahoma; the challenges and adaptations of the post-removal period; and the creativity and persistence of those who remained in the Southeast.


History and Culture Chapter 1.Writing About Native Southerners Chapter 2Native Southerners Chapter 3 The European Invasion Chapter 4Native Peoples and Colonial Empires Chapter 5"Civilization" and Removal Chapter 6Native Southerners in the West Chapter 7Those Who Remained People, Places, and Events, A to Z Chronology Resources


Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green


"A volume whose strength is its comprehensiveness... a volume that scholars of all levels will want to consult." -- Melissa A. Stock, H-Net Reviews

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