Steps in Ballet: Basic Exercises at the Barre, Basic Center Exercises, Basic Allegro Steps

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Instructive techniques for practicing ballet away from class are presented in this compilation of three previously published volumes. Elementary barre exercises, basic arm movements and positions of the body, and elevation and connecting steps are detailed with illustrations and helpful pointers that complement the guidance of a ballet instructor. Correct ballet terms are defined and listed in French with phonetic pronunciations. Parents, teachers, and students of ballet will find expert advice in this classic of ballet instruction.


Thalia Mara, founder and artistic director of the USA International Ballet Competition, made her ballet debut at the age of eleven and by fourteen was a full member of the Chicago Opera Ballet under the direction of Adoph Bolm In Paris she studied under the legendary Nicholas Legat and Olga Preobrajenska, soon rising to prominence as soloist with the Ballet Suedois and later with the Michel Fokine Ballet in New York. With her husband she founded the School of Dance Arts at Carnegie Hall and the School of Ballet Repertory. Thalia taught at New York's High School of the Performing Arts, then in 1965 founded and directed the National Academy of Ballet. In 1976, at the age of 65, Thalia moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where she created the Jackson Ballet and established Jackson as the host of the International Ballet Competition in 1979, serving as its Artistic Director through 1994.


""Classics in the teaching of ballet technique at the critical beginning levels."
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