Angel Courage: 365 Meditations and Insights to Get Us Through Hard Times

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Mai 1999



GREET EVERY DAY WITH THE COURAGE OF THE ANGELSFrom the authors of the bestselling Angel Wisdom comes a book for everyone who wants to transform fear into courage and despair into hope. This delightful book shows us how to learn from our experiences and live every day with the grace and joy of the angels. With a year's worth of daily meditations, Angel Courage offers fresh wisdom for confronting life's difficulties, both large and small -- from stress at work to quarrels and letdowns, guilt and regrets, grief and grudges. Each day's reading features a thought-provoking quote, ideas for reflection, exercises, and an inspiring angel blessing.The authors encourage us to learn to love ourselves no matter what mistakes we've made. "May you always make mistakes", they advise, "just not the same ones". The wisdom of the angels shows us how to laugh at ourselves, live in the moment, put out energy into productive activities, and follow the timing of our hearts by using our own angel courage to greet each day with authenticity and love.

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